Above All

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Label : Roxx Records   Year : 2024

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“Roxx Records is set to bring you what is probably the heaviest release we have ever done. Are you ready? Central California Christian death metal outfit Mohler returns with their 2nd full-length album “Above All”! The sophomore effort from these death metallers does not disappoint for those metal fans that love it extremely heavy in the vein of bands like Cattle Decapitation, Bolt Thrower, Dying Fetus and Mortician. After the successful debut album released on Roxx back in March 2021, the band is out playing shows and throwing down more killer death metal for the world to hear. The new album features artwork painted by their own Brian Mohler. Every song on this album tells a story and they are prayers to God. Featuring 18 killer new tracks of pulverizing and unrelenting music with a powerful message! Mastered by the legendary Rob Colwell, this album will satisfy your head banging needs. So get ready and crank it up to 11 and give your neighbors a wake-up call!” -Roxx Records

Come, Lord Jesus
Death Shall Be No More
Blessing, Honor, Glory And Might
Fear Not
What Must Take Place
The Great Day
Glorious Ones
Your Most Holy Faith
Snatched Out Of The Fire
Our Only Master
Alive Forevermore
Blameless And The Wicked
‘Til My Relief And Renewal Should Come
trength And Sound Wisdom
Praises Of The Blessed
Praise Him In His Mighty Heavens
Creator Of All