Faith Factor

Against A Darkened Sky

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Label : Retroactive Records   Year : 2008

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“Until 2006, Ski was known as the massive talent fronting the cult classic heavy metal band Deadly Blessing. Now, afforded a second bite at the apple with divine guidance, Ski makes a return with Faith Factor on Retroactive Records. Faith Factor combines high end, melodic based vocals with a twin guitar attack to create a work that can best be described as galloping riffs of pure classic, technical power metal. Ski fronts the group bringing a commanding, operatic elite vocal presence. Ski displays a near unlimited range when he cuts loose and goes for a high note (think Lance King, Geoff Tate, Midnight, John Arch, Dio, Bruce Dickinson). Metal To Infinity webzine calls Ski ‘one of the best vocalists walking the planet’ and Magic Star Light zine says ‘those familiar with Ski’s vocals won’t even bother reading the rest of this review before going to buy the album!’ Against A Darkened Sky is a rarity in the metal world; it’s a dark and weighty slab of classic traditional heavy metal, technical and progressive as reflected in the numerous time changes and the band’s frequent excursion into instrumental territory. Yet the listener is drawn in by insanely catchy hooks at every turn. Fans of Recon, Iron Maiden, Crimson Glory, Iced Earth, Rob Rock, Forbidden and Queensryche have every reason to raise their metal fists high into the air. Epic, traditional heavy metal is alive and well on Against A Darkened Sky!″ -Retroactive Records

Evila Si Eh
Keep It True
The Rapture
In God’s Shadow
In Remeberance
Light Replaces Darkness
Armor Of God
Divine Temptation
Ascend Unto Heaven
Sinner’s Prayer