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Label : Roxx Records   Year : 2024

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“Roxx Records is very excited to be partnering once again with one of the most amazing Christian rock bands in Switzerland today, RAINFORCE. Following on the heels of the critically acclaimed debut full-length album ‘Lion’s Den’ (2017) which also featured a special guest appearance from Rex Carroll of Whitecross fame, and with their prior debut EP release ‘Rock And Roll’ (2019), Rainforce’s 3rd release is upon us! ‘Almost Holy’, the band’s brand new album, encompasses the familiar stylistic repertoire any rocker would hope for – that killer traditional hard rock and old-school heavy metal sound merged into eleven supercharged songs. In fact, even a tender moment of wistful balladry makes its emotional mark on this new album on the track ‘Fortress Of Hope’. This album features much of the bands established trademarks with sleek arrangements, catchy riffs, earwig melodies and a groove to get the show going and heads a-banging. Rainforce have constantly evolved from guitar player/songwriter Andy La Morte’s original 2016 studio project to a vivacious and driving band of like-minded cats who take no prisoners with their rock shows when they make those select live appearances. The band has also established a loyal and expanding fan base in their homeland and beyond. Featuring the talents of Jordan Cutajar out front on lead vocals (Nomad Son), Andy La Morte on rhythm guitars, additional vocals, songwriter and co-producer (ex-Disobedience, ex-Pylon) Michael Piranio on lead guitars, producer (Whysmansaid, ex-Ephemera’s Party, ex-Destruction), Jan Thomas on bass (Dreams In Fragments, Elcano, Adoramus) and Benjamin Mann banging them drums (Power Of God). For their new album, the fervent 5 have once again come together in the studio, aligned their talents and put them to good use to produce these eleven new and refreshingly powerful songs. With this album title making such a bold and beautiful statement, we need to really take note of some of their powerful words and lyrics. Andy La Morte states in the track ‘Just Another Song’ “…how white do we play our metal?” Andy wants the world to know these lyrics are based on his faith and his Christian outlook on the world. Many of the new songs have autobiographical traits, while others simply tell stories. They are meant to invite the listener in to reflect, but they may also provoke and rub some the wrong way. Regardless, we hope they will also bring solace and encouragement as that is pure rock ’n’ roll! This album also features several key guest appearances including Mick Jelinic (Mortification), Jonas Ambuhl (Gomorra), Albert Bell (Nomad Son, Forsaken) and Filipe Guzman Vincente.” -Roxx Records

Almost Holy
Rockin’ Through The Night
Just Another Song
Far Way From Home
Fortress Of Hope
John The Baptist
Time To Rise
In The Fires
Every Tear Will Be Dried
Silent Night
I Believe