Brave, The

Battle Cries (re-issue)

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Label : Girder Records   Year : 2020

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“Pakaderm released some of the greatest AOR melodic rockers such as MASTEDON, GUARDIAN, FEAR NOT, HALO, X-SINNER and LOVEWAR, as well as many others. John and Dino Elefante were experts at their craft. Their production was over the top and blew everything out of the water and this first album by THE BRAVE was a clear and precise 80’s rocker, hitting on all fronts. It’s the ultimate ear-candy, with flying guitar works, melodies, hooks and and explosive production that was second to none. It was the perfect example of what happens when you have pros in your corner, pushing for excellence. It’s better than you remember, trust me, it’s that good. It can still stand up to any mainstream act today – strong vocals, attitude and more.” -Girder Music

Remastered jewel case re-issue.

All Together Now
The Waiting
If That Ain’t Love
Running All My Life
Tears Of A Broken Heart
Little Love
Never Live Without Your Love
Big World
Ride With The Rythm
Just A Man

Bonus Tracks
All Together Now (Studio Mix)
Running All My Life (Studio Mix)