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Battlezone (re-issue)

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Label : Soundmass   Year : 2019

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Soundmass are happy to announce their CD re-issue of the LIGHTFORCE album Battlezone. This release was their independent 1987 cassette-only debut, never officially released in full on CD, let alone vinyl. You would be lucky to ever find a copy of the original cassette and the original version of “Fast Lane” was left off their 1986 To 1989 compilation. 32 years on, Battlezone is being made readily available again on vinyl and CD, remastered for a superior heavy/power metal experience.

Everybody knows Lightforce as the predecessor to Mortification, the Australian death/thrash band fronted by Lightforce bassist Steve Rowe. However, Lightforce was a totally different beast, with their music completely rooted in traditional heavy metal. They were heavily influenced by the classic early 80’s metal of bands like Judas Priest, Manowar and especially Iron Maiden – the abundant melody and hooks a homage to the bands that inspired them, while still putting their own spin on the style. And the band didn’t go unnoticed either, picking up management and a deal with US label Pure Metal to release their follow-up Mystical Thieves.

The 12-page booklet for the Battlezone CD contains a selection of previously unseen photos and brand new cover art inspired by the original, as well as the original artwork on the back of the booklet (for all the purists!) And to top it all off, we have also included an incredible 12 bonus tracks – all 5 songs from their Yellow demo (also referred to as the Angel Rocker demo), all 6 songs from their Blue demo and a radio interview by Alan Thomas (who would later become their manager). The majority of these demo tracks have never seen the light of day before and were VERY limited in their initial cassette release in 1986 (50 copies of the Yellow demo and 30 of the Blue demo).

Choose To Win
Evil Desires
Reigning With The King
Eyes Of Destruction
I Won’t Conform
The Day Is Near
Fast Lane

Bonus Tracks
Run From Darkness
The Crunch
Come With Us
Fishers Of Men

BLUE DEMO (1986)
You’re So Kind
Fishers Of Men
Come With Us
Ballad On The Beach
I Felt Your Love

3RRR Interview