Begin The Revolution

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Label : Bombworks Records   Year : 2010

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“Old school thrash is in vogue again with the debut full length from Disaffection. After recording an impressive 4 song demo, these Brazilians have upped the ante in every possible way. Disaffection has done their homework, crafting song after song of thrash goodness, with killer riffing, well-placed solos and in your face vocals. The songs aren’t just facsimiles of your favorite tracks from yesteryear, though. Disaffection manages to maintain the attitude and sincerity of 80’s thrash while incorporating their own flavor, creating a sound that pays homage to the pioneers of classic thrash, while remaining relevant to the current scene. The band is comfortable blazing ahead at 100 miles an hour in full-on thrash frenzy, slowing it down to elicit a controlled headbang and then ripping your head off again – all within the same song. The production is slick while retaining that dirty thrash sound. The killer hooks dig deep, keeping you coming back for more while causing serious neck pain from obsessive, compulsive headbanging! Fans of Slayer, Warbringer, Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, Kreator, Exodus and anyone who lives for thrash or even just in your face heavy metal will feast on these 10 songs. Join Disaffection as they lead you into the new thrash revolution!” -Bombworks Records

Metal Kombat
Which One’s The Truth
Blind Man
Stupid Ideas
Mystery Of God
The Mortuary Man
Cerebral Nightmare
I Wanna See The Chaos
The End Of The Beginning