Norma Jean

Birds And Microscopes And Bottles Of Elixirs And Raw Steak And A Bunch Of Songs (3 CD)

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Label : Solid State   Year : 2010

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Bless The Martyr And Kiss The Child
The Entire World Is Counting On Me, And They Don’t Even Know It
Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste
Creating Something Out Of Nothing, Only To Destroy It
Pretty Soon, I Don’t Know What, But Something Is Going To Happen
The Shotgun Message
Sometimes It’s Our Mistakes That Make For The Greatest Ideas
I Used To Hate Cell Phones But Now I Hate Car Accidents
It Was As If The Dead Man Stood Upon The Air
The Human Face, Divine
Organized Beyond Recognition

O God, The Aftermath
Murderotica: An Avalanche In D Minor
Vertebraille: Choke That Thief Called Dependence
Bayonetwork: Vultures In Vivid Color
Dilemmachine: Coalition Hoax
Coffinspire: Multitudes, Multitudes In The Valley Of Decision!
Liarsenic: Creating A Universe Of Discourse
Disconnecktie: The Faithful Vampire
Absentimental: Street Clam
Charactarantula: Talking To You And The Intake Of Glass
Pretendeavor: In Reference To A Sinking Ship
Scientifiction: I. A Clot Of Tragedy/II. A Swarm Of Dedication

A Grand Scene For A Color Film
Blueprints For Future Homes
Small Spark Vs. A Great Forest
Temperamental Widower
End Of All Things Will Be Televised
Songs Sound Much Sadder
Longest Lasting Statement
Amnesty Please
Like Swimming Circles
Cemetery Like A Stage
No Passenger: No Parasite