My Silent Wake/The Drowning

Black Lights And Silent Roads

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Label : Bombworks Records   Year : 2010

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“Doom duels doom on the new opus from My Silent Wake and The Drowning. My Silent Wake is already well established in the UK death/doom scene, having released 3 full length albums on Bombworks Records. The Drowning has also been a force in the UK scene, having released several albums of their own. Over the years, the 2 bands have shared the stage on many occasions and have forged a great friendship, so the idea of sharing an album together was a no brainer. The result is a feast of death/doom that is quite diverse and demonstrates the versatility, creativity and musicianship of each band. Each band contributes several new original songs while paying homage to their relationship by each covering a song from the other. My Silent Wake begins with the first 4 songs, starting with a cover of Attrition’s ‘I Am (Eternity)’, including guest vocals from Attrition, a brand new original song, a brilliant acoustic cover of The Drowning’s ‘Devoid of Light’ and their longest and perhaps most diverse song to date, ‘Rebirth’, clocking in at over 23 minutes. The Drowning then takes the stage with the crushing song ‘The Doomsday Feire’, continues with 2 more brand new songs and then completes the album with an amazing heavy interpretation of My Silent Wake’s ‘A Photograph’, originally from the acoustic disc of ‘The Anatomy Of Melancholy’. Both bands deliver with memorable melodies, crushing riffs and amazing sonic and dynamic contrasts to weave a musical tapestry that can both sooth the soul and crush you with its heaviness. The intricacies of the songs are expertly woven, making them enjoyable and accessible on a first listen while growing richer and rewarding the listener on continued listens, allowing the listener to truly experience the compositions. This is a required purchase for fans of My Dying Bride, Candlemass, Trouble, Iced Earth, Dead Can Dance, death and doom metal and well-crafted songs. Prepare to be immersed.″ -Bombworks Records

My Silent Wake
I Am (Eternity)
Bleak Endless Winter
Devoid Of Light

The Drowning
The Doomsday Feire
Arc Light
Silent Epiphany
A Photograph