Daniel Amos

Daniel Amos (Collector’s Edition dbl.)

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Label : Born Twice Records   Year : 2011

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“1976 saw the release of the now classic self-titled debut album on Maranatha! Records. While a number of early Jesus Music bands were trying to emulate the country rock sounds of The Eagles, none did it as masterfully as Daniel Amos. In fact, they were so successful that in 2002 The Encyclopedia of CCM would go on to say, “Song for song, and as a total package, Daniel Amos stands up to any of the albums The Eagles made prior to Hotel California.” This 2011 Born Twice Records release 35th Anniversary Edition is a deluxe 2 CD remastered re-issue of DA’s first self-titled album plus new liner notes, rare photos and never-before-heard recordings from the DA archives. In addition to all of the songs from the first album, this collection includes newly recorded ‘Audio Liner Notes’ with Terry Taylor about the history of the songs and the band 2. bonus tracks including previously unreleased demo and live recordings from the years leading up to DA’s record contract with Maranatha! Records and the first songs recorded for the label, including ‘Ain’t Gonna Fight It.’ -Born Twice Records

Includes demos from Terry Taylor’s earliest days of songwriting with his San Jose bands Jubal’s Last Band, Judge Rainbow And The Prophetic Trumpets, Good Shepherd and early Daniel Amos.

Disc 1
Jesus Is Jehovah To Me
The Bible
Prelude: Servant’s Prayer
Don’t Light Your Own Fire
Losers And Winners
Walking On The Water
Ridin’ Along
Dusty Road
Love In A Yielded Heart
Skeptics’ Song
Happily Married Man
Ain’t Gonna Fight It

Disc 2
Don’t Light Your Own Fire (Live)
Walking On The Water (Live)
Interview Segment: Katy
Calvary Road (Demo)
New Life (Demo)
Interview Segment: Cardboard Scheme/Scarlet Staircase/Down Home
Walkin’ With My Lord (Demo)
Knock Knock (Demo)
Heavenly Home (Demo)
Love Sings A Song In My Heart (Demo)
Jesus Saved My Soul (Demo)
Interview Segment: Expressing Faith In Music
Ain’t Gonna Fight It (Demo)
Interview Segment: The Lost Dogs Record Ain’t Gonna Fight It
Interview Segment: The Move/Jubal’s Last Band
Love Has Open Arms (Demo)
Resurrection (Skeptics’ Song Demo)
Meal (Demo)
Interview Segment: The Name Daniel Amos
Dear Captain/The Bible (Demo)
William (Demo)
Interview Segment: Al Perkins
Freedom (Love In A Yielded Heart Demo)
For Me To Live Is Christ (Demo)
Jesus Is Still Crying For The World (Demo)
In Everything Give Him Thanks (Live)