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Jimmy P. Brown II

Eraserhead (VINYL)

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Label : Retroactive Records   Year : 2018

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“For years the Deliverance icon and creative mastermind has tried to balance speaking to fans of the thrash metal years and fans of the Deliverance “creative years”. With Jimmy P. Brown II’s Eraserhead, Jimmy is making a name change for the Deliverance sound that is full-on heavy, metal, progressive, dark and ultra creative (but not thrash or speed metal!) Featuring Manny Morales on bass and Jon Knox (Adam Again, White Heart, Great White) on drums, this is the same trio responsible for the epic Deliverance releases titled Learn and River Disturbance which both feature Jimmy Brown as a master axeman on rhythm and lead guitars. As accomplished as Jimmy P. Brown II has been with mind-rattling epic metal releases like Stay of Execution, Learn and River Disturbance, with Eraserhead the bar has been set infinitely higher. Eraserhead is more – more melodic, more progressive, more unified, more diverse and more creative. Of the many musical masterpieces Jimmy P. Brown has gifted this world, Eraserhead is without a doubt his Magnum Opus, his crowning achievement. This is Deliverance – the “creative years” team that has set their sights on creating the finest metal album of 2018 and decades to come. It’s almost impossible to choose a favorite song: the infectious “Digital Postage Stamp” will have you singing in seconds, while “The Swell Lot Of Thieves” flirts with creative heights that are held for the most elite in music and metal. But then the last song on the CD, the 7 minute “The Watchers” (featuring a guest appearance from Eric Clayton of Savior Machine), embarks with a majesty, nobility and a stateliness that is both jaw-dropping and drool-inducing! If you are a musical snob who insists your albums are bathed in pure, unadulterated greatness, then stop what you are doing and get this album. The album features the best musicians, the best songs and the best music they have ever done. It’s the ultimate ear-candy for fans of Jimmy P. Brown II and the creative years Deliverance crew.” -Retroactive Records

Comes on aqua colored vinyl!

Side A
Entertaining Angels
The Scales
The Swell Lot Of Thieves

Side B
A Story Of Time
Digital Postage Stamp
The Watchers