Eyes Wide Open

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Label : Retroactive Records   Year : 2023

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“Brothers Dale and Troy Thompson are leaders without peers in Christian hard rock and metal with their gritty, driving, relentless brand of rock and roll. With the 2023 full-length release Are You Awake? Bride has 27 full-length releases and counting! The 6-track CD EP Eyes Wide Open features 4 tracks recorded for the Are You Awake? album, but only 2 of those 4 tracks will be on the full-length. The tracks “Draw The Line” and “Not As Bad As It Seems” will remain exclusive to this CD EP only. And you can bet those tracks are anything but filler – they are elite, fist-pumpinig, hard rockers with all the magic you would expect from Dale and Troy! The other two tracks (“Ain’t No Loser” and “Make Me Want To Live Again”) will be on the full-length release Are You Awake? Lastly, fans are treated to one track each from Snake Eyes and Here Is Your God, making 6 tracks packaged in a four-panel wallet and limited to just 500 copies worldwide! ” -Retroactive Records

Ain’t No Loser
Make Me Want To Live Again
Draw The Line
Not As Bad As It Seems
Demon Speed
Famous When I’m Dead