Seven Angels

Faceless Man

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Label : Bombworks Records   Year : 2006

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“Technical riffage, super speedy playing, soaring vocals and progressive song structure permeate this amazing 9 song CD. Seven Angels hails from Brazil and serves up a tasty feast of melodic power metal that approaches speed and thrash at times, featuring soaring female vocals and the occasional harsh male vocal along with progressive tendencies for a unique sound that is as fresh as it is furious. Faceless Man is the follow up to their very successful debut The Second Floor, but it eclipses it in every way, with pristine production, better song writing and more technical musicianship. Fans of power, speed, thrash, or bands like Sonata Arctica and Sinergy should take note, as you will not be disappointed.” -Bombworks Records

A Handful Of Sand
Beyond The Dark Side Of The Moon
Nothing Besides Dust
Walking Over All The Seas
Faceless Man
Unseen Truth
Nobody Wants To Live Alone
From Now To Eternity