Fires Of Babylon

Fires Of Babylon

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Label : Retroactive Records   Year : 2009

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“FIRES OF BABYLON is classic 1980s and 90s style shredding US heavy metal reincarnated! Their line-up is one of highly skilled and lauded musicians including guitarist Lou St. Paul (WINTERS BANE), vocalist Rob Rock (IMPELLITTERI, DRIVER, ROB ROCK), bassist Kelly Conlon (ex-DEATH) and drummer Robert Falzano (SHATTER MESSIAH). Rob Rock’s voice is THE golden voice of heavy metal, hence the legions of fans who revere his solo works and Impellitteri will enjoy this with full approval. His harsh yet melodic yet high-pitched throat shall leave no room for protest. On the other hand, the WINTERS BANE ’ghost’ is all over the album, with Lou St. Paul providing some impressive guitar riffs/theme/leads the American way. Do not imagine something that old-school – we’re primarily talkin’ ’bout the post-mid-80s blend in metal music in America, with semi-complex compositions and a variety in ’colors’ of reference (JACOB’S DREAM and KAMELOT come to mind). There are hints of European metal displayed by bands like MYSTIC PROPHECY, BRAINSTORM, FALCONER and BLOODBOUND. Without a doubt, fans of high energy melodic metal will agree that the skills of this all-star cast shine as brightly as their royal heavy metal pedigrees!″ -Retroactive Records

Falling To Pieces
When The Kingdom Comes
Lake Of Fire
Holy Resurrection
Going Through Changes
Lazarus Rising
Revolution Coming
Generation Of Destruction
Castles Are Burning