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Man On Fire


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Label : Prog Rock Records   Year : 2005

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“Guitar legend Adrian Belew will be the primary guitarist for the brand new concept CD by Man on Fire, titled “Habitat”. Adrian brings his signature style to this release, providing a stunning array of searing solos and unique textural soundscapes to the recordings. Adrian’s contributions add a whole new layer to the CD, which Man on Fire believes to be their most definitive musical statement to date.

Conceptually “Habitat” details a variety of different lives existing within the confines of a single urban city block. Each of the tracks paints a musical portrait of one or more of the individuals living within this block, allowing for the CD as a whole to reflect many varied emotions and dynamics. In addition to the contributions from Adrian Belew, “Habitat” features the amazing artistry of former Kansas violinist David Ragsdale, who adds an intoxicating combination of gorgeous, melodic atmosphere and fierce technical virtuosity to the tracks on which he performs. The final mixes of “Habitat” were mastered by veteran mastering engineer Brad Blackwood (Evanescence).”
-Prog Rock Records

The Block
Mr. Lie
Beast Inside
Street Game
What The Canvas Hides
Might Is Right
Curtain Call
Love Never Lost