Haunts Of Violence (red VINYL)

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Label : Retroactive Records   Year : 2017

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“Originally released in 1992 on the legendary REX label and was hyped as the heaviest disc they had ever released. And, while death metal was starting to dominate the scene, new vocalist Robert Wolfe showed he had the perfect voice for these thrash-titans – cool high-pitched shrieky vocals that work so well with classic thrash. HAUNTS is stinkin’ heavy and at times reminiscent of Slayer and Death. Expect loads of gang vocals and some furious guitar playing. In the words of metal historian (and the voice of Christian thrashers Ultimatum) Scott Waters: “This disc is EXCELLENT!” Kevin Ayers of Haven produced the disc. After the band broke up, bassist Eric Ney went on to play with Sardonyx for a short time. In 1999 he re-appeared with Joey Daub (ex-Believer) in a new project called Fountain Of Tears. In 2014 Retroactive re-issued this mega-classic thrash album as a stunning full-color 4-panel digipak, featuring a deluxe audio improvement when remastered by J Powell of Steinhaus. In 2017 Retroactive Records brings those massive improvements to the first ever limited edition (300 units) vinyl release of Haunts Of Violence”. -Retroactive Records

Side A
Haunts Of Violence
Carry The Corpse
Destructive Heresies
The Wicked Will Rot
Supplication Of The Destitute

Side B
Souls In Torment
Separate From Iniquity
Seared Consciences
Under Threat Of Death
Portraits Of Decay