Lex Metalis

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Label : Retroactive Records   Year : 2009

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“ULTIMATUM is a metal band from New Mexico whose sound is a mixture of traditional heavy power/speed/thrash metal and more modern grooves; brutal guitars, blazing leads, pounding drums, thundering bass and shrill, shrieking vocals. Ultimatum does not claim to follow any trends nor do they wish to do so. Ultimatum is great at writing good, heavy, memorable metal songs and has been doing this since their 1992 beginnings! Lex Metalis (Latin for ‘Metal Is Law’) is the band’s fifth full-length release and follow up to the destructive metal monstrosity Into The Pit. With Lex Metalis, the band pays tribute to their metal heroes, putting their neck snapping, heart-of-metal stamp on some of the most cherished metal anthems! As always, the band stays true to their metal convictions, playing each song with power, might and authentic conviction. Vocalist Scott Waters shows considerable influence from the likes of David Wayne, Roger Martinez and Blitz Ellsworth (and Cronos and King Fowley on the high, gritty and sometimes slurred parts). The band’s DNA is pure thrash metal and every song has their thrash and speed metal imprint – even the 80’s melodic metal tracks! In addition, the eight page booklet contains detailed liner notes explaining why the band chose these songs for this classic release that is destined to appeal to old and new fans!” -Retroactive Records

Ton Of Bricks
Locked In Chains
Sin After Sin
Creeping Death
Denim And Leather
Gut Wrench
Metal Health
Iron Fist
Can’t Get Out