Light Displaces Darkness (7″ VINYL)

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Label : Roxx Records   Year : 2022

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“As we prepare for the debut album from AfterWinter, we are very excited to offer an extremely limited edition 7” record featuring the band’s debut single “Light Displaces Darkness” and, on the flip side, an exclusive track “Under Fire”. As you may recall, “Under Fire” was an exclusive Christmas song released last Christmas on our holiday sampler and was a masterpiece of symphonic metal in the vein of Trans Siberian Orchestra. As a reminder, AfterWinter was formed from the disbanded BioGenesis line-up that brought you two killer releases ‘Black Widow’ and ‘A Decadence Divine’. If you loved those two BioGenesis releases as much as we did you are in for a killer treat of pure Christian metal delight! We have printed a limited edition 7” consisting of only 200 copies of this one-time pressing from AfterWinter. Get yours before this one truly becomes a collectors item!” -Roxx Records

Side A
Light Displaces Darkness

Side B
Under Fire