Grave Forsaken

Moment In Time

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Label : Soundmass   Year : 2024

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They’re back! From the searing leads, gang vocals and hooks galore of opener “Back To The Start”, to the prayerful “Arise O God”, through to the “Power Of Salvation” onslaught and relentlessness of “Strong Conviction”, you’ll soon forget that it has been 4 years since the last Grave Forsaken album. They continue to mix classic metal with thrash metal stylings – this is thumping heavy metal, solid as a brick, diverse but cohesive. The band have truly taken up the baton of Christian metal in Australia from those who came before them. It’s a “Moment In Time” to celebrate 20 years of Grave Forsaken!


Back To The Start
Metal Message
Win The Day
There Is Only God
Arise O God
Moment In Time
Power Of Salvation
No One Way Is No Way
Strong Conviction
Night Warrior