Mortification (2022 re-issue)

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Label : Soundmass   Year : 2022

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Soundmass are happy to announce a brand new 2022 CD re-issue of Mortification’s 1991 self-titled album. This classic album needs no introduction – it’s “total thrashing death” that launched the career of Australia’s most successful metal band.

With our previous re-issue all but sold out, we thought it was time for the ultimate version of the Mortification debut:

-audio remastered in 2022 by Paul D. Clifford at PCP Studios
-all new layout in 20-page booklet packed with full-page photos
-9 bonus live tracks from 1991
-jewel case comes inside a printed O-card slipcase (first 200 copies only)

This is the definitive edition of Mortification’s self-titled album – a must for all fans of this pioneering Aussie band and any true metal aficionado.

Note: a tracking glitch with the master means that The Destroyer Beholds and Journey Of Reconciliation appear on the same track

Until The End
Brutal Warfare
Bathed In Blood
Satan’s Doom
No Return
Break The Curse
New Awakening
The Destroyer Beholds
Journey Of Reconciliation
The Majestic Infiltration Of Order

Bonus Tracks: Live 1991
Break The Curse
Bathed In Blood
Blood Sacrifice
Steve Talks
God Rulz
Until The End