Narcissistic Mechanism

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Label : Independent   Year : 2010

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“Back at it once more, the brutal deathers from Brazil waste no time in unveiling their latest creation. 2009 brought us Krig’s first large-scale, full length “Target: Human; Mission: Destroy”. Now, in early 2010, we get our souls impaled with their newest manifestation “Narcissistic Mechanism”. Several notches above THMD, “Narcissistic Mechanism” is a massive improvement of Krig’s overall sound quality, lyrical onslaught and intensity. Krig goes WAY brutal, yet infuses periodic elements of melody, technicality and thrashiness. Songs like ‘Dilaceration’, ‘Not Being Hypocrite’, ‘Mankind Dead Remains’ and the title track are riveting highlights! Emotional and relentless, “Narcissistic Mechanism” stabs the heart on topics such as Satanism, hatred, human futility, depravation, mental slavery and the power of God! Fans of Augury, Skeletonwitch, Necromanicider, Sotahuuto, Pantokrator and Scourged Flesh will dig the lovely brutality melded with tempo shifts of melody and thoughtfulness.″

Folish Evildoers II
Not Being Hypocrite
God Is Alive
End Of Time
Mankind Dead Remains
Hideout Of Demons
Narcissistic Mechanism
Outcast Worms
Rotten Poetry