Once Lost Now Found (Gold Disc Edition)

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Label : Retroactive Records   Year : 2022

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“Up to this point, all of STRYKEN’s previously recorded material had been released under the band name STRYKER. This includes their single in 1980, 4-song EP/demo in 1981 and “Blitzkrieg” album in 1983. In 1986, they changed their name to STRYKEN, released their 2-song single titled Rock On/Suprise and went on to add bass player Ezekiel Vade. In 1987 they launched their 8-song First Strike album and were one of the featured bands on K-Tel’s “Righteous Metal” album with notable bands like Petra, Barren Cross, Bloodgood and Philadelphia. STRYKEN – Once Lost Now Found includes 14 songs with 7 new releases and 4 new songs that were once lost but now found! Never released songs like “A Man”, “Momma” and the up-tempo, bass guitar centric version of “I Need Your Love” which begins with a killer synthesizer intro. Additionally, 3 live audio recordings now found enhance the album with one track that covers the band member introductions and the band’s message regarding the gospel of Jesus Christ. The album closes with “I’ll Be Home”, which Dale Streiker wrote for his daughter when she was very young and recorded as a wedding gift for her. Remastered by Bombworks Sound and a full write-up from Doug Van Pelt of Heaven’s Metal Magazine all come together to ensure fans get everything their collector’s hearts desire!” -Retroactive Records

1st time ever on CD!

A Man
I Need Your Love (Extended Version)
Rock On (Extended)
The Answer
One Way
Stryken Show Intro (Live)
Crush The Head Of Satan
The Young Men Have A Vision (Live Intro)
State Of Emergency
I’ll Be Home
Stryken Band Intros And Message (Live)