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Blessed By A Broken Heart

Pedal To The Metal (re-issue)

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Label : Brutal Planet Records   Year : 2022

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“Blessed By A Broken Heart is a Canadian modern hair/glam metal band and Pedal To The Metal is their second album, originally released in 2008 on Century Media Records. Without a doubt, the album is a magnet for any fan of 80’s hard rock/glam metal, yet the band’s musical approach extends beyond the hair/glam genre. One of the most prominent aspects of Pedal To The Metal is the guitar work. Blessed By A Broken Heart does an amazing job of distinguishing themselves from the rest of the metal genre by adding a nostalgic twist of the 80’s in each saucy riff. “Carry On” contains quite a few brutal riffs. Another must-hear track with impressive guitar (coincidentally also the song that most captures the hair metal influence they try to intertwine into each song) is “Show Me What You Got”. With Foxx jamming and programming away on the synth and Shred Sean shredding, this is one of the pinnacles off the album. Caution: this song may feather hair. Anybody who appreciates elite harmonies and ripping technical guitar will appreciate this! Yes, the band has infectious riffs, 80’s hair metal hooks and even tracks with extreme metal breakdowns and it’s all exhilarating from beginning to end! For fans of Atreyu, Killswitch Engage, Motley Crue, Van Halen and 80’s pop music! Buy this and you will thank us!” -Brutal Planet Records

Remastered by Rob Cowell (Bomwborks Sound) and including two bonus tracks.

She Wolf
Show Me What You Got
Move Your Body
She’s Dangerous
To Be Young
Doing It
Blood On Your Hands
Don’t Stop
Carry On
Ride Into The Night

Bonus Tracks
Side By Side
License To Sin