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Rise Of The Phoenix

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Label : Retroactive Records   Year : 2021

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“Tired of cookie-cutter, copycat metal albums? The 2021 album by Biogenesis is everything you could ask or want from a hybrid metal masterpiece. Progressive metal? Check. Thrash metal? Check. Dark, ominous, haunting, aggressive? Check. Tiago is a legit maestro with an axe in his hands and is guaranteed to induce legendary, instantaneous drooling straight from your mouth to the floor! Chaz is an A+ vocalist who transitions from aggressive thrash vocals to perfect prog metal vocals at the drop of a hat. Just as you have come to expect with Tiago’s work with Perpetual Paranoia, Rise Of The Phoenix is a whirlwind of creativity and jaw-dropping progressions. The album is as dominating as they come. For those who like their music definitively heavy… this is your 2021 album of the year. Yes, it’s that brilliant! It includes a 12-page booklet with lyrics. For fans of Iced Earth, Perpetual Paranoia, Slayer, Believer, Fear Factory, Nevermore, Jacob’s Dream and Mortification.” -Retroactive Records

The Dwelling
The Covenant
By Design
Within These Walls
Breath Forgotten
Heavenly Darkness
The Suicide Lie
A Thousand Tears
Rise Of The Phoenix
Ashes To Glory