Sanity Obscure (Gold Disc Edition)

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Label : Bombworks Records   Year : 2023

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“Prepare to be enraptured by the sheer brilliance of Believer’s magnum opus ‘Sanity Obscure’ as it receives the royal treatment with a dazzling re-issue by Bombworks Records. This limited edition, boasting a mere 500 GoldMax gold discs, is a crown jewel for true connoisseurs of technical thrash metal. Immerse yourself in the epic sonic tapestry of Believer, officially licensed and presented in a meticulously crafted 12-page booklet with lyrics, enclosed within a regal jewel case. Remastered from the original 1990 release on REX Records and Roadrunner Records, this edition not only mirrors the silver disc packaging but elevates the experience with the opulence of a gold CD. The O-ring card wrapped around the jewel case exudes an air of sophistication, adorned with exclusive gold disc info and images. Believer, the unrivaled maestros of technical thrash, stand as pioneers in the realms of thrash orchestral and symphonic metal. Their unparalleled influence has reverberated across the metal landscape, having graced stages across the USA and Europe alongside titans such as Bolt Thrower and Sacrifice. Joining forces with Cynic and Pestilence, Believer was at the forefront of Roadrunner Records’ groundbreaking progressive metal/thrash campaign ‘The Breed Beyond’. ‘Sanity Obscure’ is not merely an album, it is a transcendental journey into the very soul of metal. Witness Believer’s artistic prowess as they weave an intricate cover of U2’s ‘Like A Song’, transforming it into a sonic masterpiece that defies genre boundaries. The re-issue further boasts an anti-pollution anthem titled ‘Nonpoint’, a song that not only bears witness to Believer’s socio-conscious artistry but also inspired the very name of another acclaimed band, Nonpoint. Believer’s ‘Sanity Obscure’ isn’t just an album, it is an indomitable force, a cultural artifact and a sonic testament to the boundless potential of metal. This Gold Disc Edition is a rare and illustrious gem, destined to become the crowning jewel in the collections of devoted metal enthusiasts. Do not miss this opportunity to own a regal piece of metal history — seize it now before this limited treasure vanishes into the annals of time!” -Bombwork Records

Sanity Obscure
Wisdom’s Call
Idols Of Ignorance
Stop The Madness
Dies Irae (Day Of Wrath)
Dust To Dust
Like A Song