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Sin Disease (Gold Disc Edition)

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Label : Retroactive Records   Year : 2023

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“Perhaps the single most controversial Christian rock album of all time! A decade after its release, HM Magazine called Sin Disease “The record that decisively ended the ’80s” (for Christian music) and also “Christian music’s best punk album ever”. Lyrically, Sin Disease deals with such topics as a friend’s death as a result of gang violence (“Lights Out”) and cocaine addiction (“Glass God”). The opening track, “Kill The Sarx”, uses violent imagery in its graphic interpretation of a biblical theme (Galatians 5:24; sarx is the New Testament Greek word for “flesh”). The Christian scene had never been exposed to such stark/dark themes in 1990. The photo of Allan Aguirre for the album cover originally showed him shirtless, sporting wild dreadlocks. The locks remained, but the record company actually drew in a shirt over the singer’s bare chest to minimize perceived offense. Yet in the midst of all this controversy was one of the most brilliant, creative, transcendent and earth-shaking rock records of all time. Rarely has one single album had such a profound impact on how we think and see the world. Sin Disease did all that and more. Produced by Terry Taylor (Daniel Amos) and Allan R. Aguirre, the band ascended far beyond what its raw demos hinted was possible. Notably, the band supported the album with an appearance at Cornerstone Festival and a tour with mainstream icon HR of Bad Brains. Never before re-issued on CD, the album has been expertly remastered by J Powell at Steinhaus and features an 8-page booklet in a jewel case.” -Retroactive Records

Kill The Sarx
While Reprobate
Lights Out
Later (LA 1989)
Glass God (No Freedom In Basing)
As The Story Grows
A Freedom Cry
Wonder Why
Look Into My Side
Kill The Sarx II (Apocalypse)