Various Artists

Songs From The Penalty Box Volume 4

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Label : Tooth And Nail Records   Year : 2000

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Squad Five-O – Bombs Over Broadway
Slick Shoes – Hide And Seek
Ghoti Hook – Two Years Till Never
The Juliana Theory – To The Tune Of 5,000 Screaming Children
Dogwood – The Good Times
Craig’s Brother – Head In A Cloud
Ace Troubleshooter – Tonight
Shorthanded – Doing Better
Huntingtons – Moral Threat
Puller – Hold On To Me
Off The Record – Another One
The Deadlines – Death And Life In Rock N’ Roll
Calibretto 13 – Spoiled Brat
Fanmail – Shut Your Mouth
Element 101 – Standing At The Edge Of The Night
Blenderhead – Twinkie Insanity Verdict
Hangnail – Friendly Advice
The Undecided – Lifted (Demo Version)
The Deluxtone Rockets – Judgement Day
Stavesacre – You Know How It Is
FurtherMore – Am I The Walrus
The Dingees – Spray Paint