Strong As Death

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Label : Bombworks Records   Year : 2008

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“Black, death and thrash are deftly intertwined on the crushing debut full length from Azmaveth. Hailing from Puerto Rico, Azmaveth delivers a more unique style than most, relying on harsh black metal melodies and blinding drumming, chunky death and thrash-influenced riffing and a flavor of flamenco and classical guitar harkening back to their deep Hispanic roots. What results is a carefully crafted album that succeeds in building up, ripping the listener’s head off, calming down in a soothing manner, only to return to more crushing rhythms. Azmaveth is definitely extreme metal, but the true classification stops there, as the band is not easily pigeon-holed. “Strong As Death” is sure to delight fans of extreme metal, death metal, black metal, thrash and those who like their metal harsh and unpredictable.” -Bombworks Records

A Mortal Way Of Life
Interlude I
A Cadaveristic Desire
Interlude II
Stigma From Hell
Interlude III
Master Of Light
Interlude IV
The Dark Lust Of The Rotten Soul
Interlude V
Crawling From The Grave