Stryker: The Early Years

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Label : Retroactive Records   Year : 2022

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“STRYKEN, originally known as STRYKER, was formed in the late 1970’s by Dale and Stephen Streiker in Arizona with a vision that rock music, just like books, radio and TV, could be wholesome and uplifting while subtly pointing people to the God who made the heavens and the earth. In 1980, as STRYKER, BIRC Records released 2 of the 50+ songs they had written and released them on a 45 RPM record. The 2 songs, produced by Joe Bidwell, were recorded at Autograph Recording Studios in Tucson, Arizona, and were titled “On The Phone” and “As The Rain Goes”. These songs, at the time, were considered to be in the punk/power pop or new wave genre similar to The Cars, Ramones, New York Dolls and The Knack. Soon thereafter, Joey Knight (drummer) and David Kurowski (bass), both from Tucson, joined STRYKER and now the stage was set to rapidly develop and record new music to share with their growing fan base. STRYKEN – STRYKER: THE EARLY YEARS album is an 8-song compilation of their musical work that contains 5 newly released songs, of which 4 have never been released on CD (“Playing On The Radio”, “As The Rain Goes”, “On The Phone” and “Life Can’t Be The Same”), which provides you with a glimpse into how poverty and sacrifice played a positive role in their faith. Remastered by Bombworks Sound and a full write-up from Doug Van Pelt of Heaven’s Metal Magazine all come together to ensure fans get everything their collector’s hearts desire!” -Retroactive Records

1st time ever on CD!

On The Phone
As The Rain Goes
Playing On The Radio
Need Your Love
Life Can’t Be The Same
Right Of Way
I’m All Right
It’s Over