Zaffiro, David

The Other Side (re-issue)

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Label : Retroactive Records   Year : 2020

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“Some things really take us by surprise. We just don’t see them coming. We don’t expect what our eyes actually see and it makes the experience absolutely mesmerizing – like the moment in Terminator 2 when you realize Arnold Scharzenegger is a Terminator, but the good guy! Or the moment when your loved one says, “Go ahead honey – buy them all – we can never have too much music!” Or the fiery moment the next morning when you remember you ate some hot peppers the night before – uh – well, maybe not that so much, but you get the point! Tantalizing surprises are the spice of life and – boy oh boy – does Bloodgood guitarist David Zaffiro give us four elite reasons to be dazzled and delighted with his solo albums. Known for his renown axemanship with the iconic Christian metal band Bloodgood, Zaffiro treated fans to four of the finest AOR/hard rock albums ever released in the Christian rock scene. Indeed, these albums are far from the metallic juggernauts he played on with Bloodgood (their first three albums). But each of these four albums is essential ear candy for even the most discriminating rock music connoisseur. One listen and you realize the padlocks were cut loose from this master guitarist’s hands and you have been magically ushered into glorious riffing with feeling, with intensity, with skill and precision. The lyrics are filled with hope, conviction and transparency, including life lessons and insights free of lectures or preachyness. And the instrumental tracks remind us of three important words: wow wow wow. Great words, right? The instrumental tracks show Zaffiro with all the skill and talent of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Yes, it’s that good! That brings us to the most tantalizing surprise of all – Zaffiro’s vocals! With one of rock and metal’s finest vocalists in Les Carlsen leading Bloodgood, we could have never guessed there was a world-class vocalist hiding in Zaffiro’s slight frame, but it’s absolutely perfect for AOR, rock and hard rock. These four Zaffiro CD re-issues are international treasures with the finest of musicians filling them out from top to bottom. All have been digitally remastered and include 8-page inserts with lyrics packaged in jewel cases. If you slept on these classics in the past, now is the time to make things right – these are top-shelf re-issues for collectors who care about quality of packaging and sound. Get all four CD remasters now!” -Retroactive Records

I See Red
Where Are You Now
Why Me
The Other Side
To The End
Only Eyes
Spirit Of The Lord