Final Axe

The Axe Of The Apostles (VINYL)

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Label : Retroactive Records   Year : 2023

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“Written and partially recorded in 1990, some might say that with The Axe Of The Apostles, Final Axe captured heavyweight status by showcasing their catchiest, most accessible set of tunes yet. Even while retaining the precision guitar assault and the quasi-Rob Halford vocals, the band proves they are masters at being melodic without losing any of their intensity and edge. In true metal form, The Axe Of The Apostles is relentless and refuses to give you a chance to come up for air, displaying a real penchant for power metal-ready anthems. Drums are handled by Christian metal icon Robert Sweet (Stryper), whose busy, virtuosic rhythmic base pushes Bill Menchen (guitar) and Simon Tyler (vocals) to their most energetic and impassioned performance of their considerable careers. With The Axe Of The Apostles, Final Axe provide us an album that truly towers above pretenders as the genuine article of heavy metal greatness. Never before released on vinyl, this 2023 Retroactive Records version comes as black vinyl with a lyrics insert and is part of the label’s Metal Icon Series. Limited to just 150 vinyl, get this classics while you still can! For fans of other Bill Menchen/Robert Sweet bands (Titanic/Seventh Power/Redeemer/Menchen) and Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Manowar and Overkill.” -Retroactive Records

Side A
Heads Will Roll
Burn In Hell
Ball And Chain
Hangin By A Thread
Dealing With Death

Side B
Vengeance Is Mine
Metal Missionaries
We’re Not Heroes
Worlds Away