Moshketeers, The

The Downward Spiral

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Label : Roxx Records   Year : 2010

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“Originally formed in the mid 80’s as a straight ahead heavy metal band going by the name Rapture, the band released several demos including ‘Vacation From Hell’ and ‘Die By The Sword’. The band toured with Barren Cross and shared the stage with many bands including Deliverance and Sacred Warrior. The band would eventually change their name in 1989 to The Moshketeers, which would coincide with the band’s full transition in to the growing thrash metal scene! The Moshketeers independently released 2 cassette tapes including a 4-song demo and a full-length release entitled ‘The Downward Spiral’. The band would begin touring and performing shows with many of metal’s finest bands including Testament, Deliverance, The Crucified and Vengeance Rising. The band continued off and on into the 1990s, releasing another cassette demo in 1997 with four new songs that were supposed to be from an upcoming full-length album that was never finished. The band continued to open shows for many popular bands including POD and Ultimatum.Rumors began flying in 1990 that The Moshketeers were signing with a major label. Rumors and speculations as to what happened have been around for years, but suffice to say it just never happened and the tapes would never see the light of day and the masters would be locked away for many, many years… until now! The Moshketeers ‘The Downward Spiral’ will now see a full CD release for the first time ever! Set to be completely restored and remastered and include several previously unreleased bonus tracks including the rare 1997 demo.″ -Roxx Records

The Downward Spiral
The Downward Spiral
Locked In Chains
The Myth
Self Extinction
Posers Of Deceit
Grease The Duck
The Life Of Emptiness

Bonus Tracks
Ye! (1989 demo)
Return (1997 demo)
Death Or Life (1997 demo)
Thelo Agnoia (1997 demo)
Take My Life (1997 demo)