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The Lost Reels 1 (re-issue)

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Label : Retroactive Records   Year : 2013

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“THE LOST REELS 1 is a collection of songs from previously recorded material that was never released. Most tracks were submitted as possible songs for Bride albums but not used. Tracks 6-9: recorded in 1989 with Dale and Troy Thompson, Jerry McBroom and Frank Partipilo; tracks 10-12: recorded in 1988 with Dale and Troy Thompson, Steve Gilbert and Frank Partipilo; tracks 13-20: recorded in 1992 with Dale and Troy Thompson, Jerry McBroom and Rik Foley. “I Am The Devil” and “Its The Devil” would later surface on Drop under the title “Im The Devil”. “How Long” made its first appearance on the live album Across The Border (1994). The band made this available as a 2000 copy limited edition CD release in 1994. This 2013 Retroactive Records re-issue comes in a full-color 4-panel digipak, completely remastered by the ultimate mastering guru, J Powell at Steinhaus. Never before have these songs been heard with the warmth, depth and sheer grit that now exudes off of this top notch classic re-issue. Long out-of-print, Retroactive went the extra mile by providing superb artwork to go with this re-issue. For fans of classic Bride, Guns N Roses, Whitecross and Stryper!″ -Retroactive Records

How Long
Fine Line
Only Hurts When I Laugh
Let The Son Shine
I Dont Get It
Im The Devil
Good Rock N Roll
Could You Live In My World
Think About Our Future
Sleepy Southern Town
Echoes Of Mercy
I Miss Dancing With YouIts The Devil