Testimony Of Apocalypse

The Offering (VINYL)

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Label : Roxx Records   Year : 2023

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“Roxx Records is extremely excited to be bringing you the brand new sophomore release from Testimony Of Apocalypse and it’s killer! Up from the ashes of one of classic Christian thrash’s legendary bands Sacrament, Testimony Of Apocalypse was born. The band introduced us to their debut release last year entitled ‘None Escape The Judgement’ to rave reviews and critical acclaim. Now we bring you the band’s next effort entitled ‘The Offering’ and it is HEAVY, featuring 12 brutally orchestrated tunes. From start to finish, this album makes your ears bleed and your adrenaline boil! Each track has been very well crafted, produced, mixed and mastered to deliver a true metal opus!” -Roxx Records

Limited edition pressing of 200 copies.

Side A
The Time Has Come
When We Were Dead
Dead Man Walking
Heretic And The Adversary
Holier Than Thou

Side B
Darkly Through Mirrors
Fruit Of The Enemy
The Rescue
Welcome To Control