The Wrath (re-issue)

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Label : Retroactive Records   Year : 2023

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“Step into a time machine and journey back to the golden age of metal with PARADOX – THE WRATH. This iconic album, originally recorded in 1989 but never released, has been given new life in 2023 thanks to the skillful remastering of Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound). For the first time ever, you can experience this epic US prog power metal masterpiece on CD. Featuring a total of 11 tracks including three electrifying live recordings and a demo, The Wrath is a true gem for collectors and fans. This re-issue takes you on a sonic journey, blending the power of Christian power prog metal with a Texas twist. If you’re a fan of bands like Sacred Warrior, Dio, Queensryche and Crimson Glory, this album is a must-listen. Tracks like “Banners At War”, “The Wrath” and “Call To Obedience” will transport you to a time when metal ruled the airwaves. Plus there’s a CD-exclusive bonus track “You Must Be Saved” featuring a blazing guitar solo that adds the perfect touch. With an 8-page booklet included, this release not only revives the past but also introduces a new generation to the hidden gems of the metal world. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of this musical legacy. The Wrath now comes to you in an exclusive CD format for the first time. This re-issue isn’t just about preserving the past, it’s about keeping the flame of timeless prog power metal alive and well. Get your hands on this piece of metal history and experience the magic for yourself. Limited to just 500 CD copies!” -Retroactive Records

Banners At War
Crusaders Of The Cross
At The Foot Of The Cross
Psalm 25
The Wrath
The Parable
It’s Not Over Yet

Bonus Tracks
Call To Obedience (Demo)
Called And Chosen (Live)
Give A Listen (Live)
You Must Be Saved/Guitar Solo (Live)