Usynlig Tumult

Voices Of The Winds (e.p.)

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Label : Bombworks Records   Year : 2009

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“Dark atmospheric black metal is the MO of the debut album from Usynlig Tumult. Ukraine has been a strong breeding ground in recent years for extreme metal acts, churning out great bands such as Evroklidon, Angel 7 andthe Eastern European folk metal masters Holy Blood. Bursting onto the scene with a vengeance, Usynlig Tumult plays cold Scandinavian-influenced atmospheric black metal. Embracing the heritage of black metal’s birthplace, the band’s name is Norwegian, roughly “Invisible Turmoil” in English, and the songs project this theme with their dark atmosphere and ambience contrasting with the shrill vocals and brutal guitars and drumming. The band transcends typical black metal boundaries, infusing folk and even some progressive tendencies into their songs. The members of Usynlig Tumult also play in Ukraine’s melodic death metal act Coram Deo, who just recently released their full length debut. Usynlig Tumult is recommended for fans of Antestor, Emperor, Naglfar and all self-respecting fans of dark black metal. Embrace the atmosphere and prepare to be musically slain.” -Bombworks Records

Single With Nature
Curse Of Eternal Winter