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Weapons Of Our Warfare (The Originals re-issue)

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Label : Bombworks Records   Year : 2017

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“Only a year after they released the historic Self-Titled debut, the band released their 1990 tour-de-force Weapons Of Our Warfare. Metallica created Master Of Puppets, Slayer bludgeoned the world with the classic Reign In Blood, Flotsam And Jetsam had Doomsday and Exodus boasted Bonded By Blood – all albums that would create the standard for all other speed metal releases. Weapons Of Our Warfare was that album for Deliverance. It cemented the band’s place as iconic speed metal royalty. To this very day, Weapons is still mentioned with hushed reverence among Christian metalheads as one of the elite speed metal albums of all time. Guitarist Glenn Rogers had exited the band and former Recon guitarist George Ochoa had joined in his place. Weapons Of Our Warfare turned out to be one monster of a record, a genuine speed metal classic. Each and every song is played with a feverish fury and once again the songwriting is outstanding. George Ochoa’s highly technical rhythm guitar style drives most of the album, setting new standards of power, precision and stamina. The album shows marked musical growth with several adrenaline-driven, extended, multi-sectioned compositions foreshadowing the band’s later progressive epics. And the trade-off guitar leads by Brown and Ochoa provide first-rate riffage that will satisfy even the most skilled Guitar Hero addict. A video version of the title track became the first Christian metal song to gain airplay on MTV and it placed among the top three on that network’s Headbanger’s Ball countdown for 12 weeks in a row! In 1999, Lars Ulrich (Metallica) hosted a show in which he named Weapons Of Our Warfare as one of his top 10 favorite metal videos of all time. Weapons Of Our Warfare (The Originals) takes all the magic from the original release and magnifies it! Featuring a complete 2017 digital remastering, J. Powell at Steinhaus worked hard to make it sound substantially better than the original, while still keeping the character of it. The original artwork is expanded to a 12-panel booklet (with many Weapons era photos and lyrics) and packaged in a jewel case to make sure this re-issue delights all mighty Deliverance fans, as well as fans of Believer, Slayer, Exodus, Metallica, Tourniquet and Anthrax.” -Bombworks Records

This Present Darkness
Weapons Of Our Warfare
Flesh And Blood
Bought By Blood
Slay The Wicked
Greetings Of Death
If We Faint Not